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creative holiday france

Yoga and Creative Holiday France

We’d like to invite you to the eighth edition of Creative Holiday France in chateau Riaucourt in France, organised by Caren Simon – artist and founder of Artfriends / Creative Partner in Culemborg, The Netherlands.

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On this website you will find a full description of our creative holiday weeks in Dutch. With our translate tool in the bottom left-hand corner you can read the page in your own language just by clicking on the translate button and choosing your language. On the Creative Holliday week in France all tutors speak Dutch and English.


On this english page we provide you with the most important information. If you are interested to join us you can fill out the or mail caren at: .

Creative Holiday France is a marvellous holiday idea designed to pamper you with hospitality, friendship, attention, freedom, fun, pleasure, beautiful learning experiences in different art disciplines, yoga and nice food. Enjoy freedom of choice and creativity, close to nature, in the beautiful surrounding of Chateau Riaucourt in Haute Marne (north France).

Creatieve vakantie Frankrijk Yoga vakantie
Yoga en creatieve vakantie Frankrijk
 Art Disciplines

During all the Creative holiday France weeks you have unlimited access to all the art workshops organized and have the freedom to choose what you want to do on a daily basis. Whether you want to attend yoga, paint, sculpt, design and make silver Jewelry with art clay silver or a lifechain with gemstones, Tai-Chi, Astrology classes or make a mix of all these art disciplines the choice is yours.

Each week you can follow the standard disciplines:

  • and

In addition, an extra art discipline will be introduced each week (printed bold in the schedule hereunder):

  • Yoga
  • Tai-Chi
  • Chi Kung
  • Astrology
More to enjoy
  • Besides the freedom of choice for one or more art discipline on a daily basis
  • Enjoy our swimming pond
  • Enjoy the company of other creative people in a holiday atmosphere
  • Enjoy the cozy meals in the orchard
  • Enjoy the beautiful large park garden with several seating areas with beautiful views at the front and back of the chateau
  • In the orchard you will find a variety of fruit trees from which you can eat freely
  • The Haute Marne offers a lot of outdoor activities. If you fancy water sports you have a huge playground on the Lac du Der and four lakes around Langres


Artfriends Team


Talented, enthusiastic and english-speaking art tutors will be there for you. The teachers of Artfriends are people with a passion and know how in their field. 


They enjoy working with groups in a hospitable way and are educated and able to share their knowledge with enthusiasm and patience in an unprejudiced and open minded way.

For more information about our art teachers and their work please visit our page .

Besides our art teachers we work with volunteers. Our volunteers are part of the team and help out wherever they can in the kitchen, in the yard and during the workshops.

If you are interested to participate as a volunteer please contact Caren for more information.

For beginners and advanced

You don’t need any experience, just fancy to try this and that. If you are a beginner, we will provide you with the basic techniques of each art discipline and make the acquaintance an enjoyable experience. If you are advanced  we will support and guide you in your further development and give you tips in how to develop your art skills and/or techniques.


You can join us from € 595. All our prices are all inclusive (7 nights in Chateau Riaucourt, 3 meals per day, unlimited access to all the art workshops).

Camp in the garden of Chateau Riaucourt All data with own tent (size tent max. 6,5 m²). € 625,– p.p.p.w.all in *
double room All data € 785,– p.p.p.w.all in *
Partner arrangement, excl. workshops All data € 685,– p.p.p.w.all in **
Creative day including meals Dates in consultation € 150,– p.p.p.w.all in ***
Creative day including meals and lodging Dates in consultation € 210,– p.p.p.w.all in ***
All in

All prices are all inclusive, including 3 meals a day, 7 nights, unlimited access to all workshops .
Prices of double rooms are based on double occupancy. Single supplement 135 euro. Excluding material and traveling costs.

** A partner who doesn’t participate in the creative workshops, also has the time of his / her life. There  are many cultural, sporting and recreational opportunities. The price for the partner package includes 3 meals a day, 7 nights,  excluding the creative workshops.
*** If you’re in the neighbourhood and fancy to follow one or two creative days, you are more than welcome. A creative day includes lunch and dinner, excluding materials.
All equipment is provided, such as modeling clay, acrylics, pastels, canvases, sketchbooks, Art Clay Silver (silver clay), haberdashery, CZ’s, gems, etc ….. Furthermore, there are easels, brushes, pencils, charcoal, etc. available. Of course you can also bring your own materials and tools if you prefer.
Painting Canvas: € 5 to € 25 per canvas depending on canvas sizeAcrylic paint: from € 1,50 per painting session depending on canvas size
Clay Sculpting € 1,50 per kilo sculpting clay
Silver Jewelry making € 32 for 10 grams of silver clay (enough to make a ring, a pendant, earrings, or 2 pandora beads)
Bronze jewelry making € 22 for 100 grams of bronze clay
Gemstone Jewelry making from € 0,25 per gemstone
Yoga There are yoga mats available. If you prefer your own, please bring your own yoga mat.
Tai-Chi, Astrology No specific material needed
Our mission

Our main value as a team as well as an individual is to make every effort to provide our guests a carefree, peaceful, pleasant, well-deserved holiday.


For more details or reservation contact Caren Simon:

Tel +31 6 51072079 – E-mail: info@artfriends.nl 


Chateau Riaucourt is located in Haute Marne, 93 km south-west from Nancy, 185 km west from Paris. you can get there easily by plane (Paris), train (Joinville) or car. Joinville is 9 km from Chateau Noncourt, we ‘ll pick you up from the trainstation of  Joinville. postal area code: 52230
Address: 8 Rue de Saint Amand
Place: Poissons
Country: France

programma 2022

    AGENDA 2022
    TANGO VAKANTIE FRANKRIJK Onbeperkt volgen:
    17 t/m 24 juli 2022
    YOGA & CREATIEVE vakantie Frankrijk Onbeperkt volgen:
    24 t/m 31 juli 2022
    YOGA & CREATIEVE vakantie Frankrijk

    Onbeperkt volgen:

    wo. 17 t/m 24 augustus 2022
    TAI CHI & CREATIEVE vakantie Frankrijk

    Onbeperkt volgen:

    wo. 24 t/m 31 augustus 2022
    CREATIEVE vakantie Frankrijk

    Onbeperkt volgen:

    wijzigingen voorbehouden.

    Creatieve vakantie Frankrijk

    Yoga en Creatieve vakantie waarbij alle verzorgde cursussen onbeperkt gevolgd kunnen worden voor 1 all-in prijs

    Tijdens de Vakantie

    Tijdens de Creatieve Vakantie Frankrijk worden verschillende disciplines met Yoga of andere (lichaams)bewustzijnscursussen verzorgd die je allemaal onbeperkt kunt volgen.